Designing Album Art: A Creative Journey with Magickd

The primary goal of this project was to create visually striking album art that would not only capture the essence of Scott Zartman's music but also resonate with his target audience. The album art needed to convey a sense of positivity, hope, and musical innovation.

1/24/20243 min read


In early 2023, Scott Zartman, a talented musician based in USA, approached Magickd, a renowned graphic design company, to create the album art for his upcoming music album titled "Step in the Right Direction." With their expertise in graphic design and various creative services, Magickd was the perfect choice for this exciting project.

The Importance of Album Art

Album art plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of an artist's music and creating a visual representation of their work. It serves as the first point of contact for listeners and can greatly impact their perception of the music. A well-designed album cover has the power to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

The Creative Process

Designing album art is not just about creating a visually appealing image; it involves a comprehensive creative process that starts with understanding the artist's vision and the essence of their music. Magickd began by conducting a detailed briefing session with Scott Zartman, where they discussed his musical style, inspirations, and the overall theme of the album.

Armed with this information, Magickd's team of talented designers embarked on a journey to bring Scott's vision to life. They brainstormed ideas, sketched rough concepts, and explored different artistic styles that would best represent the album's theme and resonate with the target audience.

Once the initial concepts were developed, Magickd presented them to Scott for feedback and collaboration. This stage of the process involved open communication and a willingness to iterate and refine the designs based on Scott's input. Magickd understood the importance of aligning the album art with Scott's artistic vision while also ensuring its appeal to the broader audience.

The Design Elements

The album art for "Step in the Right Direction" incorporated various design elements to create a visually striking and meaningful composition. Magickd carefully selected colors, typography, imagery, and other visual elements to evoke the desired emotions and convey the essence of Scott's music.

Colors played a significant role in the design, with a vibrant and energetic palette reflecting the album's upbeat and positive theme. The typography was carefully chosen to complement the overall design and capture the essence of Scott's musical style.

Imagery also played a crucial role in the album art. Magickd collaborated with a talented illustrator to create custom artwork that visually represented the album's concept. The artwork seamlessly blended with the overall design and added depth and intrigue to the final composition.

The Final Result

After several rounds of feedback and revisions, Magickd and Scott Zartman arrived at the final design for the album art of "Step in the Right Direction." The result was a visually stunning and captivating composition that perfectly captured the essence of Scott's music.

The album art featured a dynamic illustration, vibrant colors, and carefully curated typography, all working together to create a cohesive and impactful visual representation of Scott's music. It was a true reflection of the collaboration between Scott and Magickd, showcasing their shared vision and dedication to creating a memorable album experience for the listeners.


Designing album art is a creative journey that requires a deep understanding of the artist's vision, a collaborative approach, and a keen eye for visual storytelling. Magickd's partnership with Scott Zartman on his album "Step in the Right Direction" exemplifies the power of artistic collaboration and the ability of album art to enhance the overall music listening experience.

As listeners, we are often drawn to music not only by its sound but also by the visual representation that accompanies it. The album art becomes a visual gateway to the artist's world, inviting us to step in and experience their music in a more profound and meaningful way.