Enhancing Vihaan Automobiles' Brand Image and Customer Engagement with Redesigned Business Cards

Vihaan Automobiles, located in Ambernath, is a well-established automotive service center specializing in all types of 4-wheelers. They offer a wide range of services including mechanical repairs, auto electrical work, denting, painting, and car washing. With a reputation for quality workmanship, Vihaan Automobiles is a trusted choice for automotive maintenance and repair in the region.

1/23/20243 min read


Vihaan Automobiles, located in Ambernath, is a reputable automotive service center that caters to all types of 4-wheelers. With a wide range of services, including mechanical repairs, auto electrical work, denting, painting, and car washing, Vihaan Automobiles has established itself as a trusted choice for automotive maintenance and repair in the region.

Recently, Vihaan Automobiles partnered with Magickd, a renowned design agency, to revamp their business cards. The results were nothing short of remarkable, with the redesigned business cards significantly improving the brand image and customer engagement for Vihaan Automobiles.

Improved Brand Image

The new design of the business cards gave Vihaan Automobiles a more professional and trustworthy image in the eyes of its customers. The sleek and modern design elements, combined with the use of high-quality materials, instantly conveyed a sense of reliability and expertise.

With the previous business cards, Vihaan Automobiles struggled to make a lasting impression on potential customers. The outdated design and lackluster appearance failed to reflect the level of professionalism and quality that the business offered. However, the redesigned business cards addressed these concerns and presented Vihaan Automobiles in a more favorable light.

The incorporation of the company's logo and branding elements further reinforced the brand image. The consistent use of colors, fonts, and visual elements across all marketing materials created a cohesive and recognizable identity for Vihaan Automobiles. This consistency instilled confidence in customers and made it easier for them to associate the business with its services.

Increased Customer Engagement

One of the most significant benefits of the redesigned business cards was the increased customer engagement experienced by Vihaan Automobiles. The new design captivated customers' attention and encouraged them to take action.

Customers found the business cards visually appealing and were more inclined to keep them for future reference. The sleek design and high-quality finish made the business cards stand out among competitors. As a result, customers were more likely to remember Vihaan Automobiles when they needed automotive services or when recommending a reliable service center to others.

The redesigned business cards also included strategic information and call-to-action elements that prompted customers to engage with the business. Clear and concise contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and social media handles, made it easier for customers to reach out to Vihaan Automobiles. Additionally, the inclusion of a QR code allowed customers to quickly access the business's website or online platforms, further enhancing the customer experience.

Vihaan Automobiles also utilized the back of the business cards to provide valuable information and offers to customers. By including a brief list of services or a special discount code, Vihaan Automobiles enticed customers to take advantage of their services and establish a long-term relationship.

Positive Customer Feedback

The impact of the redesigned business cards was evident through the positive feedback received from Vihaan Automobiles' customers. Many customers expressed their appreciation for the new design and the improved brand image it conveyed.

Customers noted that the redesigned business cards gave them a sense of confidence in the professionalism and expertise of Vihaan Automobiles. The sleek and modern design resonated with customers and made them feel more inclined to trust the business with their automotive needs.

Furthermore, the increased customer engagement resulting from the redesigned business cards led to a higher number of inquiries and service bookings for Vihaan Automobiles. Customers felt more compelled to reach out and explore the services offered by the business, resulting in a boost in customer acquisition and retention.


The collaboration between Vihaan Automobiles and Magickd to redesign their business cards proved to be a resounding success. The improved brand image and increased customer engagement have positioned Vihaan Automobiles as a trusted and reliable automotive service center in the region.

The sleek and modern design, combined with strategic information and call-to-action elements, have made a lasting impression on customers and encouraged them to engage with the business. The positive feedback and increased inquiries and service bookings are a testament to the effectiveness of the redesigned business cards.

With their revamped business cards, Vihaan Automobiles is well-equipped to attract and retain customers, further solidifying their position as a leader in the automotive service industry.