Promoting International Takeover: Designing a Striking Poster for CEO Radio

International Takeover (ITO) is a radio show on CEO Radio, which is an affiliate of Sirius XM. The show is focused on promoting emerging artists from different parts of the world. The ITO team wanted to create a poster to promote the show and its mission. They hired Magickd Services, a design agency that specializes in creating visually striking designs.

1/24/20244 min read


International Takeover (ITO) is a radio show on CEO Radio, an affiliate of Sirius XM, with a unique mission of promoting emerging artists from all corners of the world. To spread the word about the show and its mission, the ITO team decided to create a visually striking poster. They enlisted the services of Magickd Services, a design agency renowned for their expertise in creating captivating designs.

The Importance of a Striking Poster

When it comes to promoting a radio show, a visually appealing poster can make all the difference. A well-designed poster not only catches the attention of potential listeners but also conveys the essence and purpose of the show. It serves as a powerful tool to generate interest and curiosity among the target audience.

With the ITO team's aim to promote emerging artists from around the world, it was crucial for the poster to reflect the global nature of the show. The design needed to convey the show's mission of bridging cultural gaps and celebrating diversity through music.

Collaborating with Magickd Services

Magickd Services, known for their expertise in creating visually striking designs, was the perfect choice for the ITO team. The collaboration between the two teams began with a detailed discussion about the show's vision, target audience, and desired impact.

The designers at Magickd Services took the time to understand the essence of ITO and its mission. They delved into the world of emerging artists, exploring their unique stories and the emotions behind their music. This understanding became the foundation for the design process.

The Design Process

Magickd Services approached the design process for the ITO poster with a clear vision in mind. They aimed to create a visually striking design that would capture the attention of passersby and pique their curiosity about the show.

The designers began by brainstorming various concepts that would effectively convey the global nature of the show and its mission. They explored ideas such as using a world map as a backdrop, incorporating musical elements from different cultures, and showcasing diverse artists on the poster.

After narrowing down the concepts, the designers moved on to the next phase of the process - sketching and prototyping. They created rough sketches to visualize the layout and composition of the poster. This allowed them to experiment with different elements and find the most visually appealing arrangement.

Once the sketches were finalized, the designers moved on to the digital design phase. They used advanced graphic design software to bring their vision to life. The poster started taking shape, with vibrant colors, captivating typography, and carefully placed elements that conveyed the essence of the show.

Throughout the design process, the ITO team and Magickd Services maintained open lines of communication. Regular feedback sessions ensured that the design aligned with the show's vision and met the team's expectations.

The Final Design

After several iterations and refinements, the final design for the ITO poster was ready. The poster featured a captivating blend of visual elements that represented the show's global reach and celebration of cultural diversity.

The centerpiece of the design was a world map, subtly integrated into the background. The map was adorned with musical notes and instruments from various cultures, symbolizing the harmonious blend of sounds from around the world.

Overlaying the map were images of diverse artists, each representing a different region or genre. These images added a personal touch, showcasing the faces behind the music and emphasizing the show's dedication to promoting emerging talent.

The typography used in the poster was carefully selected to complement the overall design. Bold and eye-catching, the text conveyed the essential information about the show - its name, airing time, and the platform where it could be accessed.

The color scheme of the poster played a vital role in creating visual impact. Vibrant and energetic colors were chosen to evoke a sense of excitement and intrigue. The combination of warm and cool tones added depth and dimension to the design, making it visually captivating.

Promoting the Poster

With the final design in hand, the ITO team wasted no time in promoting the poster. They strategically placed it in high-traffic areas, such as music venues, cafes, and community centers, where it would catch the attention of their target audience.

Additionally, the team utilized social media platforms to spread the word about the poster and the show. They shared images of the design, accompanied by compelling captions that highlighted the show's mission and the artists it aimed to promote.

The response to the poster was overwhelmingly positive. People were drawn to its visually striking design and were eager to learn more about the show. The poster served as a powerful tool to generate interest and create a buzz around International Takeover.


Creating a visually striking poster for International Takeover was a collaborative effort between the ITO team and Magickd Services. The poster successfully conveyed the show's mission of promoting emerging artists from around the world while capturing the attention and curiosity of the target audience.

With its vibrant colors, captivating imagery, and carefully selected typography, the poster became a powerful promotional tool for the show. It not only generated interest but also showcased the global reach and cultural diversity celebrated by International Takeover.

Through strategic placement and social media promotion, the poster further amplified the show's visibility and attracted a wider audience. It served as a visual representation of the show's essence, leaving a lasting impression on those who encountered it.

Overall, the collaboration between the ITO team and Magickd Services resulted in a visually striking poster that effectively promoted the show and its mission. It served as a testament to the power of design in capturing attention, generating interest, and spreading the word about International Takeover.